Movie Machine

Movie Machine - Before

The Info

The Movie Machine is a very special piece of kit and if you have served in an operational area or went through decompression in Cyprus, it will be a familiar sight. As one of only a handful of similar venues worldwide, this unique facility turns from a HGV lorry into a fully equipped heated and air-conditioned digital cinema, able to show all the latest movies in 2D and 3D.

Movie Machine - After

The Stats

The Movie Machine was built by Toutenkamion in France and is 4m tall, 16.5m in length and 2.55m wide. When its hydraulic system fully opens out to show movies, the vehicle is 12m wide and occupies a hard-standing space of 20x25m. Films are projected using a Barco digital system onto a 1.6m x 4m standard screen.

Movie Machine - Before

The New Life

The Movie Machine has recently started a new life working in partnership with Sky Cinema, providing screenings to their staff, VIPs and competition winners throughout the UK. Our exterior and interior have a brand new look, replacing the SSVC blue and purple with the Sky VIP loyalty brand.


Movie Machine - Before

The Opportunity

We are also now able to offer Serving personnel, and their families based in the UK, a unique opportunity to experience our mobile cinema facility.

If your Unit would benefit from this welfare service (e.g. isolated units, rear parties, special film events, Family or educational event etc) , please email [email protected] for more information. We will endeavour to fit in as many requests as we can so please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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